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We’re officially in the dog days of summer, but as far as your closet is concerned, it’s still fall. After all, you stocked up on comfy, cozy clothes to keep you warm through winter! If you can’t bear to part with your sweater and scarf collection just yet, we’ve got you covered with these cool outfits that will satisfy your craving for both seasons’ wardrobes. See what we did there? You get fall and summer rolled into one look!

1) Stripes Section

Image Source- poppyapps.com

I love to dress for both seasons, so I always have plenty of closet options. One of my favorite combinations is stripes with a colorful print. Stripes are so classic that they look good on everyone, while the splash of color livens up your outfit without making it too busy. Here are nine outfits with different stripes and patterns that will satisfy both your fall and summer cravings.

  1. Give me something bright! Pair red-and-white striped pants with a sleeveless, white turtleneck sweater in an orchid pattern

  2. For something more casual, wear dark blue-and-white striped jeans with a chambray shirt in lavender

  3. Take off one stripe from these dark green pants and you’ll have khaki pants perfect for spring/summer

  4. If you’re looking for something just as comfortable but slightly more conservative, pair red plaid trousers with this lace top.

2) Lace Section

Image Source- Catalina Ferre, Pinterest

It’s all too easy to get lost in summer, forgetting that the leaves will soon change. To make it easier to start thinking about fall we put together some items that are just as beautiful—and, in some cases, even more perfect—in cooler months. Let your true autumn-loving self come out with these nine covetable options for this season’s swoon-worthy outfits.

3) Floral Section

Image Source- ETSY.com

Skip the pumpkins this season and opt for flowers instead. The latest vogue in the world of fall is to wear your favorite summer outfit but trade in your flip-flops for some cute boots. These are the best nine outfits that will satisfy both your fall and summer cravings.

4) White Section

Image Source- Wattpad, Pinterest

Fashionistas, this season is as good as it gets. With over 10,000 new fall clothing items coming out in the next few months, there is something for everyone. If you love summer clothes just as much though, not to worry; brand-new arrivals are hitting stores all the time. Why choose when you can have the best of both seasons?

The beauty of a dress like this one is that it works well with tights (fall) or bare legs (summer). The nude platform heels are also versatile—wear them with flip flops now and slip ons later. You could even switch up your accessories depending on what’s in your closet. A black belt would look great against the white skirt now but so would a thin orange belt once spring comes around!

5) Denim Section

Image Source- Rue Rodier, Pinterest
  1. White Stretch Bootcut Jeans with a Geometric Print T-Shirt – A plain white t-shirt goes well with a few embellishments such as jewelry or bold color to create a fall or summer outfit for any season.

  2. Corduroy Shorts with Braces – Pair these fall staples together in an effortless look that’s perfect for all seasons, depending on what you’re wearing them with, of course!

  3. Bermuda Short Shorts with Lace Top – Opting for shorts this time of year may be just the trick if you want to keep your legs covered but still want something light and comfortable.

  4. Striped Maxi Dress with Tassel Necklace – Layer up with a maxi dress and add some boho flair by topping it off with a tassel necklace—perfect for those warm days where layering is necessary but so is feeling comfortable!

6) Mixed Prints Section

Image Source- julianacheva.blogspot.com

There are no restrictions when it comes to mixing prints. Mixing prints is a great way to add interest and color. Experiment with different fabrics and designs. The key to mixing prints successfully is choosing pieces that are not too busy or flashy, but will complement each other nicely.

7) Red + Black Section

Image Source- Wattpad, Pinterest

We have been reminiscing about the beautiful summer we had just a few short months ago and dreaming of the warm, sunny days to come. However, fall is on our minds—and so are the adorable outfits that will satisfy your desires for both seasons. Here are nine staple pieces that will work well with jeans and boots in autumn or sundresses and sandals in summer!

8) Patterned Blazer Section

Image Source- The Everygirl, Pinterest

Looking for a perfect piece to bridge the seasons? This wool blazer is perfect for warm weather days but it transitions seamlessly into colder ones. What’s more, its stripes are customizable so you can make it your own. We think it looks best when paired with this Free People Floral Dress or J Crew Schoolboy Rollneck Sweater.

9) Pops of Color Section

A pop of color will never go out of style. Shades like bright red, orange, yellow, purple or even blue and green can bring a whole new dimension to an outfit. Get creative with both fall and summer clothes that you already have in your closet, or take a look at what we suggest below for all the colors you’ll need!

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